It’s Not Exactly a Writer’s Block

(Written by Pauline Navarro)

We started Milktea Fiction seven months ago, and if you’ve taken the bait to actually check us out, you can see that we haven’t exactly made much progress since then. It’s only now that we’ve become active again in social media and in the blog. (And even with all the hype now, we cant guarantee that we’ll be consistently doing this already.)

We did this so that we can have an outlet for our writing. But, contrary to popular belief, it’s difficult to write even if you love doing it.

Other than adjusting to the corporate world after graduating college, Gianne and I have been busy pursing various passion projects. For her, she’s been writing numerous novels-in-the-making, some with side/supplementary stories of their own. She’s also been illustrating her characters and a few web comics. On my end, I’ve been blogging and writing that one story I couldn’t let go of. And, well, I’ve also been coming up with other creative projects related to music and video-editing, depending on my mood.

So you see, the problem sometimes isn’t that we don’t have the motivation to write or that we’re in a writing slump. We are writing, creating… other things.

There are just so many ideas and so many ways to express them!

Hopefully, this time, while our fire is still burning to create content for Milktea Fiction, we’ll be able to write lots and lots of stories and archive enough to keep the blog alive for when we start being potatoes again.

Do you experience the same thing? Did you ever take on too many passion projects that you neglected one? Share your story below. Wed love to hear from you!

P.S. We’ve resolved to publishing short stories and writing related articles for now but maybe, if we get a chance, we’ll be able to explore different types of content for you guys.


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